After Japan's tragic tsunami in 2011, three friends who are also professional musicians came together to form a trio ensemble and offer their support as part of a fund raising concert event for the Japanese disaster victims. This was the beginning of the "Amicizia Trio".  This initial experience of sharing their musical ideas with each other and the community inspired the group to continue to work together. “Amicizia” (which means “friendship”) represents the perfectly harmonious relationship these three musicians have developed through the blending of both their musical and personal lives.  The mission of the Amicizia Trio is to utilize their performances of both traditional and newly composed classical music to build friendships throughout their local and world communities.

The Amicizia Trio is not only dedicated to spreading their knowledge of and love for the classical music repertoire but also to helping their local and world communities prosper through the experience of music. Toward that end, all three members of the trio are pursuing teaching careers as well.  The members of the Long Island-based AmiciziaTrio have performed both individually and as an ensemble throughout the United States as well as internationally in locations throughout Europe and Asia. Three pieces have been composed for and premiered by the Amicizia trio: Variations and Soliloquies by Robert Fleisher, What A Ride! by Tim Shirmer, and Trio (2012) by Durwynne Hsieh.  In April of 2014 the trio was commissioned to present their series entitled "Incarnations" for a university performance tour in and around Chicago, Illinois which was simulcast and garnered the group rave reviews. This concert is scheduled for its first radio broadcast on CJSR Canada's Avant-Garde & Beyond program.